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For several years being in this industry, Zebel have served countless clients in residential and commercial areas in Queensland and surrounding areas. We take delight in the fact that we have made their dream decks come to life.

A decking installation is more than a mere project; it is actually an investment for your home. With this, it is always wise to get the full picture on what you are getting yourself into. Thus, only the best deck builders in Queensland can help you with this. You know you made the right decision when you entrust your project to us.

Our services have become the most sought-after in the area when it comes to decking. This claim is backed up by our growing list of clients.

For us, no two decking projects are entirely the same. So always make a full assessment of what your decking design is with the corresponding set of features you have in your list.


There is no better finish to flooring than Solid Oak. Zebel provides perfect hardwood flooring every time, working around all of the tricky corners to provide a perfect fit every time. Our flooring ‘Solid Oak Flooring’ is an incredible option as no two floors are ever the same, from how they age through to their look, they are never dull. We pick the very best pieces from suppliers to give you the very best-looking flooring. Our flooring services will:

  • Add Value – Installing wood flooring to your home can help you polish a bit more value into your property.
  • Different Patterns – All wood flooring comes in a wide range of different and styles.
  •  Low Maintenance – Easy to maintain the floor as all it needs is a quick dust to clean.


This is just a small selection of the other services Zebel is providing, if you have any form of woodworking that you need performed, then get in touch! This could include anything from creating custom bed, to decorative pieces; sheds or garages for your home, custom furniture for your garden, wooden flooring, model building and anything in between

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